125mm Polypropylene Swivel Braked Castor [100kg max load]


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Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 100kg
Load Capacity Per 4-Set (kg) 300kg
Overall Height 155mm
Wheel Diameter 125mm
Tread Width 32mm
Plate Size 93mm x 62mm
Bearing Type Ball
Wheel Colour White

Our general purpose castors are available in swivel, braked and fixed types with a plate fitting method. These robust castors hold between 80g and 100kg each depending on their size. The polypropylene wheel makes it the perfect choice for use in a home garage such as upgrading DIY workstations and tool benches to become more manoeuvrable utilising restricted space and offering flexibility of positioning. The wheels are non-marking and are suitable for smooth compact and resin floors only.

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