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Extra Heavy Duty Nylon Swivel Castor

Extra Heavy Duty Nylon Swivel Castor

Product Code: DNXHNY-S


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Product Code     Diameter         Tread         Plate Size         Bearing         Fixing Centres         Capacity         Quantity    
150DNXH4NYBJ     150         45/45     175x140     Ball     140x105     2000
200DNXH4NYBJ     200         50/50     175x140     Ball     140x105     2000
250DNXH4NYBJ     250         60/60     175x140     Ball     140x105     2500


Extra heavy swivel castors made with a fabricated steel castor bracket, fitted with a heavy duty nylon whee fitted with precision ball bearings . These Extra heavy swivel castors range from 150mm-250mm and have a capacity up to 2500 Kg per caster. Solid Nylon Wheels are often white although alternative colours are available, Nylon is less friendly to floors however, nylon wheels do offer incredible load capacity compared to many wheel materials. They are light in weight and very hard wearing and priced competitively. The special swivel castor head design of our DNXH series extra heavy swivel castors makes them well suited for high load applications we would recommend these to boat builders , crane and gantry manufactures or lifting equipment manufactures.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Extra Heavy Duty Nylon Swivel Castor
Product Code DNXHNY-S
Bracket Material Fabricated
Style Swivel
Wheel Material Nylon
Bearing Type Ball