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Medium Duty Polyurethane On Nylon Centre Braked Castor

Medium Duty Polyurethane On Nylon Centre Braked Castor
  • Zinc-Plated Finish
  • Slotted Hole Centres
  • Total Stop Brake
  • Cast Polyurethane Tread
  • Cast Iron Wheel Centre
  • Non-Marking
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • 92+/- shore A Non Marking
  • Nut and Bolt Axle
  • Ball Bearing Wheel Centre
  • - 30°C - + 110°C

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Please Select A Product Variant From The Table Below By Clicking The Product Code

Product Code     Diameter         Tread         Plate Size         Bearing         Fixing Centres         Capacity         Quantity    
100DR4PTBJSWB     100         38     105x85     Ball     80x60     220
125DR4PTBJSWB     125         38     105x85     Ball     80x60     270
150DR4PTBJSWB     150         50     135x105     Ball     105x80     350
200DR4PTBJSWB     200         50     135x105     Ball     105x80     350


Braked swivel castor made from a pressed steel bracket, fitted with cast polyurethane on cast iron core fitted with 2 precision ball bearings. These Braked casters range from 100mm - 200mm and have a capacity up to 350 Kg per caster. Polyurethane on cast iron centres are quiet and provide a soft cushioned ride and will not damage floors and can be used in food and pharmaceutical applications.Cast Polyurethane was once so expensive few could or would buy even though its was the correct choice this prevented many from using. Our aim has to always offer value for money our polyurethane is now become much more popular and the cost have come down. We recommend all food companies to use this very versatile castor you want be disappointed. Our polyurethane tyred wheels are manufactured using only the highest quality materials ensuring product satisfaction. Polyurethane tyres provides a very smooth and cushioned ride and will help reduce any likely vibration and limit bracket fatigue.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Medium Duty Polyurethane On Nylon Centre Braked Castor
Product Code DRPT-B
Style Braked
Wheel Material Material