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Heavy Duty Cast Iron Braked Castor

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Braked Castor
  • Zinc-Plated Finish
  • Slotted Hole Centre
  • Total Stop Brake
  • Swivel Head Dust Seal
  • High Quality Rugged Cast Iron
  • Very Low Rolling Resistance
  • Machined Tread
  • Outstanding Wear Resistance
  • Nut and Bolt Axle
  • Ball Bearing Wheel Centre
  • - 25°C - + 120°C & 220°C
  • Suited to Aggressive Applications
  • Resistant to most substances & chemicals

3D Castor Image

Product Code     Diameter         Tread         Plate Size         Bearing         Fixing Centres         Capacity         Quantity    
100DRH4CIBJSWB     100         35     105x85     Ball     80x60     300
125DRH4CIBJSWB     125         35     105x85     Ball     80x60     350
125GDH4CIBJSWB     125         40     135x110     Ball     105x80     650
150GDH4CIBJSWB     150         45     135x110     Ball     105x80     800
200GDH4CIBJSWB     200         45     135x110     Ball     105x80     800
250GDH4CIBJSWB     250         50     135x110     Ball     105x80     800


Braked castor with a heavy pressed steel castor bracket, fitted with cast iron wheel fitted with 2 precision ball bearings . These braked swivel casters range from 100mm-250mm and have a capacity up to 800 Kg per caster. Cast iron tread castor wheels have higher capacity than many other hard wheel materials and are very strong. These castors can mark floors but will not develop flats if left unattended for long period. The load carrying capability of t cast iron material is much higher than normal similar wheels materials . They have a hard tread useful for heavy applications where the equipment is often subject to a hard working environment. They offer a low rolling resistance when compared to traditional hard tyred castors.Very important to remember this is a premium cast iron steel not to be confused with other lower grade alternatives which make claim to similar loads and rolling resistances which are incorrect. The unique strong swivel braked castor design allows what would otherwise have been made using fabricated steel to be achieved using pressed steel. Our heavy duty steel castor brackets become lighter more ridged and less susceptible to long term fatigue which often happens when using fabricated assemblies.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Heavy Duty Cast Iron Braked Castor
Product Code DRHCI-B
Style Braked
Wheel Material Material